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Fri at 4:18
Mmmmm..... salt-cured meats......
Fri at 20:24
Fri at 21:57
damn what happened to everyone? This last week the server is struggling to get players!
Sat at 4:39
Been wondering the same, as I've been watching the player count to determine playing or not. I'll usually drop in if it's at 15+ or so.
Sat at 5:23
Been wondering the samething , my timezone doesnt helps so most nights when myself and Survivor try and play there is sometimes under 4 people on so its not really worth it. Im hoping it picks up in the weekend !
Sat at 6:43
Man theres like no one on, wasnt able to make it for the opening but hopped on to check how its been since I havent been on since closing, Its Chrome if anyone remembers me, Princess says Hi Russ if you remember us
Sat at 13:10
Ive already caught up with Princess on opening day or the day after when the server was mostly full
Sat at 13:10
I guess the problem is the same old problem
Sat at 13:11
For some reason nobody is joining and everyone else won't join until they see people on
Sat at 13:11
So no people = no people joining
Sat at 13:14
I encourage people to hop on the server even if the population is low. This will entice more people to join. If everyone sits around and waits for the population to go up before joining, the server will stay empty
Sat at 15:17
If people are wondering about the battleye issues we were having the other day they have been resolved
Sat at 17:37
No problem Russ, I'll give the server some love when it's vacant :p
Sat at 17:37
We could do something like a low-pop duel challenge or something. Where people call out and meet up with weapons of choice and have a third party spectator. Purely cosmetic but interesting for RP and interactivity.
Sat at 17:38
or low-pop races
Sun at 4:12
yea maybe I could get this skalisty battle royale event to run
Sun at 4:13
teleports everyone into my helicopter and we eject over skalisty and last man standing wins. Not sure if I can get it working though
Sun at 4:27
I would definitely be down for that!
Sun at 17:39
is admin online ?
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Over the past few days we've been having an overabundance of battleye kicks on many of our players. This is due to the admin team testing new things! We apologize for the inconvenience but most of these issues have been resolved!

We are excited to announce a new feature on the website! It's only for fun and has no real in game reward however I still think it will drive competetion between players!

Introducing Confirmed Kills!

Now players can post in a special forum which will document their recorded (video or picture) kills in order to achieve specific awards which will be permanently added next to your user name! These awards will be issued by an admin or moderator after a player has given sufficient proof and the kills are confirmed! There will be many awards such as the Bow Hunter award, issued to players with 10 confirmed crossbow kills! Or the Axe Murderer award, issued to players with 10 confirmed hatchet kills! We will continue to expand on this new feature and hopefully this will encourage players to compete for kills!

Nevvon Now this, is freakin' awesome! Nice job team!
W.I.C.K.E.D. IS LIVE!!!! IP Come play and help break her in boys!
Rizzen024 Just had more fun with 7 players on than a year on a3 exile
Rizzen024 Come on people only 3 players on we need the glory days back, advetise do whatever you can.... Dont want this server goi...
rymerc Server is running great, had a blast last night

Feeling nostalgic for some good old fashioned killing? Arma 3 and PUBG not scratching the old itch? Do you still wish you could kill every day? Well if so, then I have some damn good news for you. W.I.C.K.E.D. is returning! Check your dayz launcher and you will probably see that the server is already up! 

We are just making some final touches on it so stay tuned and please be patient! You cannot rush perfection!

Join the steam group if you have not done so already http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WICKEDPVP

Friend me on steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/wickedpvp

DooM Finally some good news
Hobud Long time member Russ. Glad to see you back in the saddle. Princess, Chromekiller, and Spartansfinest send their regards...
Nevvon Oh sweet lord of all that is wicked...... Let the chaos begin!

A lot of people have expressed interest to me in bringing W.I.C.K.E.D. back. I can't say that this isn't something I want to do, but I'm a bit skeptical and hesitant. So, will W.I.C.K.E.D. return? Stay tuned to find out!

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